Minotaur / CD (Metal Inquisition – No Colours Records) / LP (Black Mass Records) – 2011

1. The Infernal Swamps (Alastor Feeding)
2. Heading to the Sinister
3. Purgatory Drains
4. Praise the Rotten Dead
5. Fall Eternal (The Lengian Chronicles – chapter I)
6. Minotaur
7. Dead Incest (Rape of Death)
8. Twilight Grotesque (The Lengian Chronicles – chapter II)
9. Sorrows of the Earth

Total running time: 44′ 46″

Recorded at Treboada Studio (A Coruña, Spain) in summer 2010 engineered by Paco Liaño. Drums recorded at Phlegeton Art Studio (Móstoles, Spain) during spring 2010. Mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio (Örebro, Sweden) in November/December 2010. Artwork & layout by Timo Ketola (www.tentacula.org).



Banished From Inferno / MCD (Ibex Moon Records) – 2008

1. Aurora Macabra (Last Dawn On Earth)
2. Storm Apokalypse
3. Calaveras
4. Stench of Evil Thru the Mist
5. The Solemn Bleakness

Total running time: 23′ 07″

Recorded in April 2007 at Treboada Studio (A Coruña, Spain) and Mantis Studio (Madrid, Spain), engineered by Paco Liaño and V. Brown respectively. Mixed at Treboada Studio (A Coruña, Spain) by Paco Liaño and Rober. Mastered at Unisound (Örebro, Sweden) by Dan Swanö. Illustrations by Mark Riddick, Nils Helling & Lisa Ahlin. Layout by Rober.

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